Mosaic Brand Identity

Establishing the identity of a global leader.

The Mosaic Company began as a $5 billion public company formed by the merger of two major organizations in the field of crop nutrition. The challenge was to design a brand identity that communicated its brand attributes and positioned the company as a global leader in the crop nutrition industry on Day One of operations. Additionally, the organization had two performance product brands with plans to introduce more, thus staking its claim as the leader in product innovation.

Brand Architecture

Logo Design


Brand Strategy


The corporate logo captures the richness and diversity of the world’s farming regions by representing fields in various stages of growth. To ensure a connection to farms and fields, the color palette is composed of a collection of hues found in nature.

Comprehensive brand guidelines ensure consistent implementation across all brand touchpoints—from digital and print communications to signage and wearables.

Infographics bring the Mosaic brand to life through design and color.

Photography is a powerful component of the Mosaic brand identity.

The corporate logo and performance brandmarks were designed to establish a visual connection, while also emphasizing their uniqueness.

Proven to enhance brand perceptions, a strong and consistent Mosaic endorsement strategy is critical to the long-term success of its performance brands.

decorative color bar

The endorsement strategy connects the performance brands to Mosaic, while allowing each of them to visually express their unique value proposition.

Mosaic benefits from the association with its market-leading brands.

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