Children’s Minnesota

Bringing new life to Children’s Minnesota brand.

Children’s Minnesota revitalized its brand in 2017. In 2019 they reached out to us to help them further evolve their brand. They needed a more unified system that was emotionally engaging and differentiated from other pediatric hospitals.

We used the existing brand identity as our foundation. Beginning with a series of existing illustrations, we developed a new visual language—a pattern of shapes and icons that can be used on all communications, from business cards to wall graphics. Next, we simplified the color palette to provide a more distinct and calming brand experience. “Hero” portraits were shot of children who had been patients at Children’s Minnesota. We recommended full color photography to express the health and vitality of these children. Finally, the graphic patterns, new color palette and photos were woven together creating a distinctive and cohesive look that was easily applied to all brand touchpoints.



The graphic patterns are used in numerous ways to create continuity.

decorative color bar

The system was designed to be consistent, yet flexible, allowing easy adaptation across multiple formats.

decorative color bar

“The results have been swift adaptation across the organization and an increase in internal brand pride and alignment.”

Visit the Children’s Minnesota 2018 Annual Report at

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