CHS Field Brand Identity

CHS Field brand identity hits it out of the park.

The Challenge CHS Inc., a global, farmer-owned cooperative, secured naming rights to the St. Paul Saints’ minor league baseball stadium. This awareness-building initiative offers CHS the opportunity to build the CHS brand, grow pride among employees, and enable CHS to attract and retain employees committed to helping CHS owners grow. We were honored to be engaged to design the brand identity and signage.

Logo Design

Brand Strategy


The Solution Franke+Fiorella evaluated the identities of dozens of local and national sports stadiums and quickly identified a lack of consistency in corporate sponsor brand expression. The CHS Field brand identity was designed to maximize brand impressions for CHS, tap into the whimsical style and energy of the St. Paul Saints brand, connect with baseball fans, and live harmoniously in St. Paul’s historic Lowertown neighborhood. The identity works equally well on everything from signage and the inaugural season emblem, to promotional merchandise and apparel.

Usage standards were developed to help partners and suppliers create a consistent CHS Field brand experience throughout the ballpark, in the media, and wherever the brand is encountered.

Cooperation with CHS, the St. Paul Saints, and the architectural, construction, and promotional firms ensured all signage and promotional items were ready on opening day!

The Result CHS is thrilled with the results. The CHS Field identity enables a strong connection to their corporate brand, consistent expression across touchpoints, and the chance to connect their deeply held values of supporting families with opportunities to have fun.

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