Valspar Annual Report

Adding color to Valspar’s financial reporting.

The Challenge For its first annual report following our redesign of Valspar’s visual identity system, Valspar wanted to boldly leverage its identity. It had two objectives: Communicate the company’s financial performance and visually express its science and technology leadership in the paints and coatings industry. A convincing visual narrative detailing Valspar’s breadth and depth, annual highlights and successes needed to be drawn for investors and other key stakeholders.


The Solution Using its science and innovation graphic pattern, Franke+Fiorella flooded the 2014 report with color and graphics to tell Valspar’s growth story with conviction. Engaging infographics visually signaled the diversity in Valspar’s portfolio and ever-increasing returns. Images depicting Valspar’s products and services highlighted the company’s deep impact and global reach.

For its subsequent 2015 annual report, increased vibrancy and energy needed to come through. Compelling graphics and color accentuated Valspar’s proven record of delivering value to its key stakeholders. Contemporary and confident, the report design guided direction for on-brand investor presentations and company fact sheets, giving Valspar a united way to approach its audiences.

Movin' on up. An upward climb in dividends paid is illustrated using building graphics that depict Valspar-coated surfaces.

Paint me a picture. Graphics paired with imagery convey Valspar’s industries and business segments while reporting its financials.

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