Lundstrum Performing Arts

Setting the stage for growth.

The Challenge There’s always been something magical about Lundstrum Performing Arts. Although adored by students and theater professionals for its excellence in musical theater training and performance, it was one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets. With an ambition to grow, leadership at Lundstrum Performing Arts knew its brand needed a new direction to achieve future goals.

After being left Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts in Dorothy Lundstrum’s will, the Casserly sisters, all former students of Dorothy, left successful broadway, dance and opera careers of their own to revive the organization. Wanting to broaden its reach and attract a niche of students with Broadway ambitions, a focused strategy and key messaging were essential to best position Lundstrum Performing Arts. The organization’s name, together with a new logo and brand identity, needed to express the redefined brand.



Logo Design

Brand Strategy


Name in lights. The logo comes alive with vibrant color and a nod to Broadway.

The Solution Informed by research with key audiences, we developed a brand strategy to support the organization’s vision and promise to foster creative expression in a joyful way. After assessing the strength and equity of the organization’s name, a truncated version was chosen. “Lundstrum Performing Arts” leverages the founder’s heritage and offers elasticity for future growth opportunities. And Lundstrum Performing Arts’ messaging appeals to many types of students and families. From those who seek a fun outlet for creative expression to those with professional aspirations, all are welcome at Lundstrum Performing Arts.

The logo, designed with lights reminiscent of a theater marquis, tips its hat to Broadway. Vibrant color commands
attention and expresses positive energy. Strong sans serif typography shows the refined side of the brand personality.
Using performance imagery and floodlit patterns of color, the visual identity system puts students in the spotlight showing how they confidently thrive, in a caring, joyful community.

A real triple threat. Vivid and unified, the stationery system hits right on cue.

Supporting cast. Graphics woven throughout the website support key visuals and content that show Lundstrum Performing Arts is the place for creative expression.

Setting the stage. From registration materials to performance programs, the identity is consistent yet flexible and builds anticipation for the fun that is to come.

Take five. The identity has a cameo in everyday life moments.

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