Issue 41

Beyond Consistency: A New Approach to Identity Standards

Strong brands are built on more than rigid adherence to a set of rules and regulations. They have personalities and soul. And there's an opportunity to express that soul at every touchpoint—whether it's print, electronic or interpersonal communications, a trade show or a promotion. As one of the first expressions of a new or revitalized brand, identity standards should convey the brand's true essence. They have the ability to generate enthusiasm and unleash the creative spirit.

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Issue 31

10 Critical Success Factors in Launching a New Brand Identity

Whether you’re repositioning an existing brand or developing an identity for a new brand, product or service, your success depends not only on a distinctive brand strategy and visual identity system, but on a well-executed launch. If you’re repositioning your brand, you’re making a change and everyone who has a relationship with your brand needs to know about it. If you’re launching a new brand, you need to create that relationship from the ground up. Either way, your audiences need to hear about it repeatedly so they remember what your brand stands for and why it’s relevant to them. In the end, it’s all about creating loyalty so they choose your brand over the competition.

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Issue 47

Using Audits to Enhance Your Brand’s Performance

Once you have outlined a well-articulated brand strategy, you know that you need to manage your brand against the strategy and implement accordingly to achieve your brand vision. The challenge, however, is executing against that strategy consistently over time. And things become more complex if your brand is wide-reaching involving employees, customers and suppliers worldwide. This is where audits can be extremely helpful.

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Issue 53

Redesigning Your Brand’s Identity: Knowing When It’s Time

When you consider all the items and products that carry your brand identity, the idea of making the investment to redesign your brand’s visual identity may seem like it’s the last thing you want to do. Yet many forge ahead and are glad they did. Why? A new image or updated identity system is often just the move that improves your brand's perception and increases your relevance in the marketplace. It helps you stand apart and lead.

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Issue 55

Visual Identity Systems: Why Your Brand Identity Needs More Than a Logo

A visual identity system is a critical investment in your brand to build familiarity and recognition. You might be thinking, “What is it exactly, and why do I need one? Isn’t our logo enough?” Comprised of a color palette, typography, imagery—from photography to illustration—grids and graphics, a visual identity system gives your audiences cues to associate with your brand beyond the logo.

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